[tz] EP vote on EU DST; afternoon gloom in Scotland

Paul Eggert eggert at cs.ucla.edu
Sun Feb 11 20:54:10 UTC 2018

On Thursday, the European Parliament voted 384-152 to pass a nonbinding 
resolution calling for the European Commission to re-evaluate the current system 
of daylight saving time in Europe. An article about this and how it's entangled 
with European politics can be found here:

Yeginsu C. Daylight saving time: what's it good for? European lawmakers ask. New 
York Times. 2018-02-09. 

My favorite quote is about the UK Daylight Saving Bill 2010-12. Yeginsu writes: 
"That bill was met with fierce resistance in places like Scotland, where 
residents argued that they liked the afternoon gloom just fine."

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