[tz] [english 99%] Re: [PROPOSED] Support zi parsers that mishandle negative DSToffsets

Paul Eggert eggert at cs.ucla.edu
Sun Feb 11 22:03:27 UTC 2018

Meno Hochschild wrote:
> The big majority of Java users is not willing to run any shell scripts or macros

That's fine, and there's no suggestion that they do so. The suggestion is that 
Java users can continue to use source code files named "africa", "europe", etc., 
which they get from distributions that are automatically generated by the 
relevant server sites. Any shell scripts or Makefiles (or Java code, for that 
matter) used to generate these distributions would be run only on the relatively 
small number of sites that produce the distributions in question. This is 
routine practice with other downstream consumers of tzdb, and it is a good way 
to insulate them from upstream changes that they have compatibility problems 
with or are otherwise not yet ready for.

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