[tz] Recommendations for stable list of timezone ids

Goudge, Stephen stephen.goudge at petards.com
Mon Feb 12 12:59:48 UTC 2018

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> I am trying to compile a flat list of all tzids in the Time Zone Database in a way
> such that the position of a tzid remains the same in the list even in the face of
> future changes to the Time Zone Database.
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> I have tried searching the archives of this mailing list for similar questions
> before posting, but have not been able to find such an entry.

Back in 2008 I posted here that I am doing pretty much exactly the same thing as requested here: basically, I have a C enum that lists out all the zones and as new ones are created this gets extended. A simple table, indexed on that enum, converts to the string name, such as "America/New_York". This has to be manually updated as new names are added. This is (still) being used to allow timestamps to be stored in UTC but tagged with their origin zone - in a space-efficient fashion for an embedded system - so that we can display UTC or the correct local time in a user interface.

Original post: https://mm.icann.org/pipermail/tz/2008-January/014801.html

As there was zero interest shown in this at the time, I've still not yet bothered to clean it up, get a GitHub account and post it, but I'm quite willing to do so if there is any interest these days (though the amount of clean-up done will start at - none!)


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