[tz] Mongolian time zone.

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Sat Jan 13 15:22:48 UTC 2018

Currently, tz database say Mongolia use UTC+7/8/9 as timezone.
However, after quick google search, I found a question about time of
Mongolia in a Mongolia question and answer time at [1]. The page itself is
facing technical problem to me so I accessed it via Google cache which I
subsequently thrown the cache into Google translate and archived the result
at [2].

According to the page from 2016, three different users of the site answered
the question with same answer, and all of them are saying Mongolia have
three different timezone: 6, 7, 8. This is different from the information
recorded in tz database. So, is the information in tz database incorrect?

And then, another question on the site [3] (archived in [4]) asked about
when did Mongolia start officially using the world time and someone
answered since 1997.  What does that mean? (On the other hand, another
answer to a similar question say 1961... [5][6] or is that an error in
machine translation?)

[1]: http://acyy.mn/3379/монгол-улс-хэд-хэддүгээр-цагын-бүсэд-оршдог-вэ
[2]: http://archive.is/y3jpH
[4]: http://archive.is/PQBVk
[5]: http://acyy.mn/7379/му-хэдэн-оноос-дэлхийн-цагийг-баримтлах-болсон-бэ
[6]: http://archive.is/e39nW
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