[tz] Missing pacificnew data file

Kerry Shetline kerry at shetline.com
Tue Jan 16 21:44:08 UTC 2018


I just downloaded the 2018a distribution of the tz database, with code. I tried to do a “make” and the make failed due to the missing pacificnew file. Copying that file from 2017c fixed the problem. The Java tool tzupdater also fails because of this missing file.

I realize it might be that you are deliberately getting rid of this file, but your own make process is broken with the file missing, and I imagine other tools for updating time zone data besides tzupdater will also fail due to this file being gone. If you accidentally left pacificnew out, you might need to re-release the distribution. If getting rid of it was intentional, you’ll have to update your make process, or perhaps include a blank or commented-out copy of pacificnew.

I also didn’t notice any changes in Brazil or Ireland as I expected to see from the release notes, which possibly is another problem.


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