[tz] wrong Europe/Dublin dst offset rule

Vicky vaibhav.sh17 at gmail.com
Fri Jan 19 08:53:08 UTC 2018


while parsing the data i found the issue in rule Europe/Dublin
Negative DST.. Previous version or not in any other file there is no
negative dst.

DST either start and end .

# The following is like GB-Eire and EU, except with standard time in
# summer and negative daylight saving time in winter.
# Rule    NAME    FROM    TO    TYPE    IN    ON    AT    SAVE    LETTER/S
Rule    Eire    1971    only    -    Oct    31     2:00u    -1:00    GMT
Rule    Eire    1972    1980    -    Mar    Sun>=16     2:00u    0    IST
Rule    Eire    1972    1980    -    Oct    Sun>=23     2:00u    -1:00
Rule    Eire    1981    max    -    Mar    lastSun     1:00u    0    IST
Rule    Eire    1981    1989    -    Oct    Sun>=23     1:00u    -1:00
Rule    Eire    1990    1995    -    Oct    Sun>=22     1:00u    -1:00
Rule    Eire    1996    max    -    Oct    lastSun     1:00u    -1:00    GMT

Please explain why -ve dst offset compared with other files.

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