[tz] African Timezones

Robin Roos robin at roos.uk.net
Wed Jul 4 11:14:27 UTC 2018

Hi Folks,

I am using a Java platform (hosted on Linux and on Windows) in which I find some expected timezones to be missing.  I write to enquire whether they are defined at IANA and, if not, whether they can be added.

The timezones in question are as follows:

Africa/Praia (capital city of Cabo Verde, also known also as Cape Verde) = UTC-1
CVT (Cabo Verde Time) = UTC-1 (one hour West of Greenwich)
WAT (West Africa Time) = UTC+1 (one hour East of Greenwich)
CAT (Central Africa Time) = UTC+2 (two hours East of Greenwich)
EAT (East Africa Time) = UTC+3 (three hours East of Greenwich)

My source for this information is: https://www.worldtimezone.com/time-africa24.php

Many thanks, Robin.

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