[tz] EU Public Consultation on summertime arrangements

Pierpaolo Bernardi olopierpa at gmail.com
Wed Jul 11 07:35:11 UTC 2018

Not time related. Only for pedantry sake:

at the border between San Marino and Italy there *are* controls, by the Italian police.  This is due to different tax laws in the two countries, which would make shopping in San Marino very convenient for Italy residents, if they weren't controlled when exiting from RSM for any good bought in RSM, and forced to pay due taxes.


Il giorno 11 luglio 2018, alle ore 09:08, John Wilcock <john at tradoc.fr> ha scritto:

Le 11/07/2018 à 00:05, Brian Inglis a écrit :
> Most people are probably not that aware of European geography [...]

Taking the world as a whole, you are no doubt correct, but most of the 
people at the EU who will be reading Paul's submission will be perfectly 
aware of European geography!

>> I don't see the relevance of "Schengen area" - all current and potential
>> Schengen area countries are either EU or EEA/EFTA members.
> The Schengen Area also includes non-EU/EEA/EFTA countries Monaco, San Marino,
> and the Vatican, which have not signed the Schengen agreement, but have no
> borders, so are de facto included.

While these three countries are indeed de facto within the Schengen area 
due to the lack of border *controls* — they do still have borders ;-) — 
it still seems (at least to me as a European) very odd to mention 
Schengen purely in order to include its *non*-signatories, especially as 
the next item in the list is in any case the all-inclusive "other 
countries not in the EU".


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