[tz] Clarification on LMT entries

Lester Caine lester at lsces.co.uk
Fri Jun 8 19:57:56 UTC 2018

On 08/06/18 19:00, Matt Johnson wrote:
> Quick question.  The entry for Europe/Kiev has two solar mean time entries:
> Zone Europe/Kiev 2:02:04 - LMT 1880
>                   2:02:04 - KMT 1924 May 2 # Kiev Mean Time
> While I know how to read this, I'm not sure why the abbreviation KMT 
> exists.  Is this another invented abbreviation, or is there a source?
> Also, why 1880 on the LMT line? What is special about 1880?

At the end of the 1800's countries started standardising time across the 
country, but switching to 'timezones' with hour offset did not happen 
until later. So in the case it reads as 1880 at least an area of Ukraine 
switched to an offset of '2:02:04' while Zaporozhye standardised on 
'2:20:40' and so on, then in 1924 the whole country standardised on a 2 
hour offset. What is missing from the comments in the Europe file is any 
corroborating evidence so the source of the actual dates is missing and 
it would be nice to see some Ukrainian input to fill in the gaps ...

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