[tz] "time zone" vs "timezone" in documentation

Michael Douglass mikeadouglass at gmail.com
Fri Jun 22 17:54:29 UTC 2018

On 6/22/18 13:30, Lester Caine wrote:
> On 22/06/18 17:18, Paul Eggert wrote:
>> If I were designing the terminology from scratch, I wouldn't specify 
>> two nearly-identical phrases "time zone" and "timezone" to mean such 
>> different things. However, the phrases do have the advantage of 
>> existing practice (common English usage and POSIX, respectively).
> tzdist specified that the 'time zone' format would be used throughout 
> but there are places with the space is problematic and needs replacing 
> in some way ...
As I recall - after a long discussion.

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