[tz] Regarding timezone upgrade from 2017c to 2018c

Debananda Pal debananda.pal at gmail.com
Fri Mar 2 13:16:07 UTC 2018


While upgrading to 2018c timezone, I found below changes :

./etc/localtime  ./etc/localtime    ==> Newly added
./etc/zoneinfo/localtime -> GMT ==> This entry is removed

./etc/zoneinfo/GMT  ./etc/zoneinfo/GMT  ==> Changed to ==>
./etc/zoneinfo/GMT link ./etc/localtime

./etc/zoneinfo/US/Pacific-New -> ../America/Los_Angeles  ==>  This entry is
./etc/zoneinfo/Africa/Sao_Tome -> ../Atlantic/St_Helena   ==> Changed to
  ==>  ./etc/zoneinfo/Africa/Sao_Tome  ./etc/zoneinfo/Africa/Sao_Tome

Please let me know, if the above changes are expected according to 2018c
TZ database change.

D Pal
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