[tz] Pyongyang Time transition plan announced

Phake Nick c933103 at gmail.com
Tue May 1 15:51:47 UTC 2018

They might have few computers, but report claims there are millions of
smartphone in the country, although they're connected to an intranet
instead of internet. Not sure how those phones are going to receive updates.
And as the changes is clearly a political one, we should probably be
grateful that they aren't going to implement the change immediately nor on
the next day after the announcement

在 2018年5月1日週二 03:51,Matt Johnson <mj1856 at hotmail.com> 寫道:

> Sigh.... I guess my blog post (
> https://codeofmatt.com/2016/04/23/on-the-timing-of-time-zone-changes/)
> wasn't fruitful in this regard.  Perhaps because there are fewer computer
> users in North Korea?
> -Matt
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> Tim Parenti wrote:
> > It appears to be the front page story at the top in the right-most
> column:
> Thanks. In the absence of further info, let's assume the transition will
> be at
> 00:00 local time on May 5, and that the clocks will jump from 00:00 to
> 00:30.
> Proposed patch attached. If we find out later that this assumption is
> wrong,
> we'll need to update tzdb accordingly.
> We'll need a new tzdb release shortly, of course.
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