[tz] Thanks for the book recommendation

Scott Kilpatrick Scott.Kilpatrick at twosigma.com
Fri May 25 13:24:06 UTC 2018

Hi everyone,

Recently I stumbled upon the tz database and mailing list when debugging some daylight saving issues at work. I'd just wanted to understand how political decisions about DST affect a Java program.

Reading through the documentation about the database online, I noticed the link to the Dissent interview with Vanessa Ogle about her book, "The Global Transformation of Time, 1870-1950". (It was a bit jarring to see a link to Dissent in technical material like this, ha!) First I read that interview and then I picked up the book - and loved it! Many thanks to Paul E. or to whomever actually suggested the citation to the book in the "theory" page. It has helped me further go down this rabbit hole that I'd never expected to be so interested in.

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