[tz] Time zone confusion in Morocco

Bert Barbe bert.barbe at oracle.com
Fri Nov 2 01:18:31 UTC 2018

> On Nov 1, 2018, at 6:07 PM, Paul Eggert <eggert at cs.ucla.edu> wrote:
>> On 11/1/18 2:26 PM, Hicham Boushaba wrote:
>> - the market share for Oreo 8.1 in Morocco is still below 4%: http://gs.statcounter.com/android-version-market-share/mobile-tablet/morocco/#monthly-201807-201810
>> - it's disabled by default, and the OEMs have to enable it and prepare the Data App. Time only will tell, but I don't think that many OEMs will use this.
> All good points, though that URL told me that Oreo has 10% share in Morocco (perhaps October figures recently became available?).

It is 10% for Oreo 8.0 and under 4% for Oreo 8.1 which is the version with that feature.



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