[tz] Epic fail for DST fallback in hospital health records

Paul Eggert eggert at cs.ucla.edu
Tue Nov 6 18:03:18 UTC 2018

The Epic Systems daylight saving time failure I mentioned three days ago 
is also mentioned in a well-written article about important electronic 
health records problems that appears in the next issue of The New 
Yorker. The article reports the following for last fall's daylight 
saving transition in a Partners HealthCare hospital running the Epic 
software system:

"The only solution was to shut down the lab systems during the repeated 
hour. Data from integrated biomedical devices (such as monitoring 
equipment for patients’ vital signs) would be unavailable and would have 
to be recorded by hand. Fetal monitors in the obstetrics unit would have 
to be manually switched off and on at the top of the repeated hour."

Gawande A. Why doctors hate their computers. The New Yorker. 2018-11-12. 

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