[tz] CalConnect Public Time Zone Workshop on February 5 in Zurich, Switzerland

Dave.Thewlis at calconnect.org Dave.Thewlis at calconnect.org
Mon Nov 12 18:16:43 UTC 2018

Please note that this is NOT an IETF event.

CalConnect <http://www.calconnect.org/> will host a Public Time Zone Workshop on Tuesday afternoon, February 5th, during its conference at Google in Zürich, Switzerland <http://www.calconnect.org/events/calconnect-xliv-february-4-8-2019>.

The Time Zone Workshop will be Tuesday February 5th from 13:30 to 17:30 at the Google facility <http://www.calconnect.org/events/calconnect-xliv-february-4-8-2019#location>.  This workshop will be focussed on the potential impact of EU Summer Time changes and how the changes might be mitigated; please see our news release <http://www.calconnect.org/news/2018/10/30/calconnect-calls-eu-reconsider-timeline-proposed-seasonal-time-changes>.  The workshop is open to the public but you must register in advance.  There is no fee to attend the workshop.  Attendees are invited to stay for a Welcome Reception following the workshop.  More information will be provided as planning continues.  

The workshop is intended for anyone who needs to plan and prepare for this and other TZ/DST changes, in particular representatives from governments, industries affected by tz changes (travel, financial, health, device manufacturers, etc.), organizations deploying tz data, and organizations maintaining and updating tz data. 

Please register for this event at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/eu-dst-timezone-change-public-workshop-tickets-51513763052 <https://www.eventbrite.com/e/eu-dst-timezone-change-public-workshop-tickets-51513763052>.

We invite anyone who is interested in or concerned by the pending changes and how time zone change information might better be distributed and implemented to attend.  

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