[tz] Nauru Time history

Michael H Deckers michael.h.deckers at googlemail.com
Mon Nov 19 20:10:55 UTC 2018

    On 2018-11-19 08:12, Paul Eggert proposed the change:

> In response to a comment by
> +# Phake Nick I set the Nauru time of occupation by Japan to
> +# 1942-08-29/1945-09-08 by using dates from:
> +#https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Japanese_occupation_of_Nauru

    Regarding the correctness of these dates, wikipedia does not
    even agree with the sources it quotes in the same page:

    •  Nancy J Pollock: "Naruans during World War II".
       online at [https://scholarspace.manoa.hawaii.edu], says on p 93:
       "The Japanese formally took possession of the island on 26 August 
       raised their flag in place of the Union Jack, began to build military
       installations, and ..."

    •  "History of Nauru during Second World war" in "Pacific Magazine" 
       online at
       says: "Although they were expected sooner, a force of 300 
Japanese landed on Nauru
       on August 26, 1942, and immediately rounded up the remaining 
Europeans and made
       them prisoners."

    Michael Deckers.

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