[tz] Correcting daylight-savings time for central Missouri prior to 1967

Lester Caine lester at lsces.co.uk
Sat Nov 24 09:34:35 UTC 2018

On 23/11/2018 21:02, Jane Eisenstein wrote:
> Doane lists the attached suggested resources for further research in her 
> book — but does not provide a specific reference for each table item.
> I’d be satisfied if software that relies on the tz database simply 
> warned users that DST info prior to 1970 may not be correct.

It's nice to see a fellow data user who has found TZ for much the same 
reason. I've been banging my head against this brick wall for a number 
of years now after finding genealogical data that we could not decipher 
because it did not even reference which version of TZ had been used to 
create it. At the very least there should be warnings but in addition it 
would be nice if well researched material was included by default and 
not relegated to the little used 'backzone' file. Much of my UK material 
relies on data in there which may or may not be available to the user - 
with no warning :(

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