[tz] 1948-1951 Asia/Tokyo DST information

Alexander LIVINGSTON lial at me.com
Sat Sep 8 08:36:56 UTC 2018

> On 8 Sep 2018, at 17:55, Paul Eggert <eggert at cs.ucla.edu> wrote:
> Phake Nick wrote:
>> Not really. It would mean the Sunday's clock go to 24:59 before jumping to
>> 00:00 on Sunday. The official time the DST end is "00:00am on the next day
>> after the second Saturday of September". So it isn't ending before the day
>> change.
> Sorry, but that reading doesn't sound plausible to me. I can't imagine a law intending to refer to 24:59.9999... on Sunday (i.e., 00:59.9999.... on Monday) talking about the transition occurring the day after Saturday. But perhaps someone can dig up a newspaper in the affected area that explains things clearly to the general populace.

The question is whether the change is from 00:00 Sunday (IE 24:00 Saturday) to 23:00 Saturday or from 01:00 Sunday to 00:00 Sunday (IE 24:00 Saturday), isn't it? Or are 24 hours after these two cases—with "Saturday" replaced by "Sunday" and "Sunday" replaced by "Monday"—also possibilities? Which Sunday it is is not in dispute, is it?

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