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Keep in mind that if 'local convention' is 6:00am is synchronized to 
sunrise then the time changes every day since sunrise time is different 
every day (usually by about a minute or 2 but that depends of the time 
of the year). That would have the consequence that every day could be 
slightly longer or shorter than 24h and that DST shift would occur every 
day.  More over the time of DST shift would be variable since sunrise is.

And if we care to be accurate to the millisecond, you need to know the 
actual longitude since that time variation of sunrise is a continuous 
phenomena and therefore the time of shift of DST in the east of the 
country would be different than the one in the west of the country with 
respect to UT for any given day.

On 12/09/2018 4:05 PM, Paul.Koning at dell.com wrote:
> What does the TZ database mean "local time" to be?  Time in its common representation where zero is midnight and 12 o'clock is noon?  Or is it meant to account also for local conventions that zero is some point in the day different from midnight?
> If the former, then this issue is out of scope.  If the latter, then it suggests there might be two Ethiopia zones, one for "midnight origin" (the one we have now) and one for "local convention" which combines the offsets from latitude, and the offset from the different convention of what the starting point is.
> 	paul


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