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- So if I understand it correctly, when everyone look at the watchface of
🕕 (let me use emoji for clearer representation here) and they will say it
is 12 o'clock in local language, and then when everyone look at the
watchface of 🕛 and they will say it is 6 o'clock in local language.
- Then, if we say Ethiopia is UTC-3, then clocks that automatically follow
tz database would be shifted 6 hours, and thus when local people say it is
6 o'clock in local languages, the clock would display as 🕕 instead.
However it would seems like it would confuse people, as according to the
description, people who use watches and speak local language in that part
of the world are still setting their clock to the UTC+3 timezone.
- Is it correct to say it is more of a "translation" problem than
time-keeping problem, where "6 o'clock in local language" mean "12 o'clock
in English"?
- Is it correct to think it is similar to English, where December is Dec
which mean the tenth despite being the 12th month?
- When would a new day start according to the local language convention?

 2018-9-13 06:14, David Patte <dpatte at relativedata.com> wrote:

> But if you ask them in English, they say '12 o'clock'. If they wear a
> watch, it uses 'English time', and is set with midnight/noon at twelve.
> But they subtract 6 from 'English time' time when speaking Swahili and
> their own tribal languages.
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