[tz] European Commission proposes ending DST in March 2019

Clive D.W. Feather clive at davros.org
Fri Sep 14 21:25:41 UTC 2018

Even Scharning said:
> And the State of the Union 2018 subpage on Seasonal Clock Changes:
> https://ec.europa.eu/commission/priorities/state-union-speeches/state-union-2018/state-union-2018-ending-seasonal-clock-changes_en

Aha! That contains a draft Directive which is clear.

* The present system applies to the 2018-10-28 transition to winter time
and the 2019-03-31 transition to summer time.

* The 2019-10-27 transition to winter time is optional; member states must
announce by 2019-03-31 whether or not they will make it.

* After that, no seasonal changes are permitted.

* Member states can make one-off changes to a different UTC offset but must
give at least 6 months notice and can't change their mind during the 6 month
window (but can before that).

(I suppose a state could give notice of one-off changes every 6 months, but
I think that would be seen as a violation of the "no seasonal changes"
rule, which takes precedence.)

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