[tz] Update -Egypt DST

Paul Eggert eggert at cs.ucla.edu
Mon Sep 17 08:20:40 UTC 2018

mohamed abdallah wrote:
> Please be aware that Egypt has ceased using the daylight saving time since 2016 and although this fact our android smartphones keeps changing the time (GMT+2) to the daylight saving time (GMT+3).

The Time Zone Database addressed this issue in release 2016f dated 2016-07-05 
16:26:51 +0200. My Android 8.1.0 phone (security patch level 2018-09-05) 
currently shows Cairo (+0200) as being nine hours ahead of Los Angeles (-0700), 
so it appears to be correct. Possibly your problematic phones are running 
out-of-date software, which needs to be updated. I suggest contacting the 
manufacturer of your phones and/or your wireless carriers.

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