[tz] Europe/Volgograd change from UTC+3 to UTC+4 from 28oct2018

Paul Eggert eggert at cs.ucla.edu
Thu Sep 20 18:10:40 UTC 2018

Alexander Fetisov wrote:

> Volgograd region in southern Russia (Europe/Volgograd) change timezone from 
> UTC+3 to UTC+4 from 28oct2018.
> http://sozd.parliament.gov.ru/bill/452878-7

Thanks for the heads-up and the URL. Its supporting info says the transition 
occurs at 02:00 that day, the usual practice in that region.

That web page says "Находится на рассмотрении" which Google Translate renders as 
"Is pending", and it later says "Срок представления поправок 10.10.2018" which 
Google Translate renders as "Term for the submission of amendments 10/10/2018", 
so it sounds like the bill is under consideration but is not yet law and might 
be amended. Am I correct? If so, we need to know if and when the proposed change 
becomes definite.

If we're pretty sure the law will go in as-is, we might want to update tzdb 
before October 10 since this is not much notice for downstream users.

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