[tz] Europe/Volgograd change from UTC+3 to UTC+4 from 28oct2018

Stepan Golosunov stepan at golosunov.pp.ru
Thu Sep 20 22:19:55 UTC 2018

20.09.2018 в 21:40:07 +0000 Matt Johnson написал(а):
> Is it just Volgograd?  or will Saratov or Kirov oblasts follow?

That bill is just for Volgograd.  The same time zone change for
Saratov was implemented two years ago.  I did not heard of any plans
to change time zone for Kirov.  The bill to move clocks throughout
Russia mentioned in
https://mm.icann.org/pipermail/tz/2018-August/026741.html seems to be

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> 20.09.2018 в 11:10:40 -0700 Paul Eggert написал:
> > Alexander Fetisov wrote:
> >
> > > Volgograd region in southern Russia (Europe/Volgograd) change timezone
> > > from UTC+3 to UTC+4 from 28oct2018.
> > >
> > > http://sozd.parliament.gov.ru/bill/452878-7
> >
> > Thanks for the heads-up and the URL. Its supporting info says the transition
> > occurs at 02:00 that day, the usual practice in that region.
> >
> > That web page says "Находится на рассмотрении" which Google Translate
> > renders as "Is pending", and it later says "Срок представления поправок
> > 10.10.2018" which Google Translate renders as "Term for the submission of
> > amendments 10/10/2018", so it sounds like the bill is under consideration
> > but is not yet law and might be amended. Am I correct? If so, we need to
> > know if and when the proposed change becomes definite.
> The bill is just approved by the State Duma in the first reading.  It
> will need to be approved in the second reading.  That's usually the
> time when such bills are amended.  Then in will need to be approved by
> the Federation Council, signed by President and published.
> > If we're pretty sure the law will go in as-is, we might want to update tzdb
> > before October 10 since this is not much notice for downstream users.
> According to http://council.gov.ru/activity/meetings/schedule/63303/
> the first time the Federation Council convenes after 2018-10-10 is
> 2018-10-24.  This leaves just 3 days for the law to be signed by
> President if passed as-is.  IIRC, the bill that changed time zone for
> Saratov was in similar situation and was amended in the second reading
> by delaying the change a week or two.

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