[tz] Timezone change for Turkey as of October 28, 2018

Paul Eggert eggert at cs.ucla.edu
Thu Sep 20 22:41:50 UTC 2018

Matt Johnson wrote:
> My understanding is that this decision was cancelled shortly thereafter?

Apparently the issue has come up again. As I understand it, officially, Turkey 
is supposed to revert from +03 to +02 on October 28. Practically, they'll do 
whatever Erdoğan tells them to do (which is what they did the last time this 
issue came up), and my guess at this point is that Erdoğan will want to stay on 
+03 though I could very well be wrong as the situation is (as usual) murky.

There's more on the story here:

2018 Kış Saati ne zaman hangi tarihte başlıyor? Saatler geri alınacak mı? 
2018-09-20 22:36 +03. 

This has a little screen shot of the same PDF that we point to. Although Google 
Translate handles Turkish badly, the gist seems to be, "Hey! what's going on 
here? Are we gonna turn back our watches or what?"

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