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A reliable source for the history of the timezone offset in Brussels is
the Royal Observatory of Belgium.
Dutch: <https://www.astro.oma.be/GENERAL/INFO/nli001a.html>
French: <https://www.astro.oma.be/GENERAL/INFO/fri001a.html>

The text at the beginning translates:

> *The time in Belgium*
> Until 1 May 1892 the local (mean) time was used, usually the one of a
> large town nearby.
> The law of 28 April 1892 (in effect from 1 May 1892) determined the legal
> time in Belgium to be GMT, later UT, now standardized to coordinated
> universal time (UTC). The table indicates which correction is required
> for the period following the indicated date.

The text before the bottom table translates:

> In the period 1914-1918 the following arrangement was in force *in
> occupied territory*. In the other areas only UTC was used (correction
> +0h). The exact moment of the hour change depended on the advance or
> withdrawal of the occupation army.

The bottom table mentions 8 November 1914 as the start of the imposed use
of the +1h offset in occupied territory (including Brussels), without
specifying the exact time of that start.

The start of summer time in 1916 is mentioned as
30 April 1916 23h UTC
which is
1 May 1916 0h (UTC+1) becoming 1h (UTC+2) local time.

— Adhemar
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