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Thu Jan 3 16:19:12 UTC 2019

 Thank you. I did not notice that before. The article used the term "格林威治時間" (Greenwich Time) instead of "格林威治標準時間" (Greenwich Mean Time). So I believe you are correct.

It's possible they both mean ~ UT+09, since Britain (and, by extension, Greenwich) would have been on DST in the summer of 1946.  So, 8 hours ahead of the time observed in Greenwich, but 9 hours ahead of the [mean solar] time at the Greenwich meridian.

Hard to know for sure without further context.

Tim Parenti

On Thu, 3 Jan 2019 at 10:07, P Chan <legco at outlook.com<mailto:legco at outlook.com>> wrote:
"The new (Summer) Standard Time will be 8 hours slower than Greenwich Time and 1 hour faster than Guangzhou Time"
Yes. But I also found another newspaper which stated "9 hours ahead of GMT".

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