[tz] Conrad Maldives Rangali Island resort

Fred Gleason fredg at paravelsystems.com
Fri Jan 18 16:57:19 UTC 2019

On Fri, 2019-01-18 at 09:25 -0700, Brian Inglis wrote:
> Not any different than the situations on reserves in the US e.g.
> Arizona, or
> various other locations where the time used locally differs from the
> official
> time at the local USPO or other goverment outpost.
> Seems more like an agreement across atolls/regions to keep to a more
> "relaxed"
> time zone for tourist reasons.

Apples and oranges! Indian reservations in the US are actually
considered 'sovereign nations', with the relationship to the United
States defined by treaty. As such, they have autonomous governments
that are recognized by and accountable to their residents. The recent
case with Metlakatla voting to change its time zone in a general
election illustrates this well.

This is quite different from some syndicate buying an island and then
deciding to change the clocks on an _ad hoc_ basis. Such a move has no
standing with the sovereign entity within which that island resides.
It's just a private arrangement, and as such neither needs nor deserves
wider recognition.


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