[tz] Italy April 1944 discrepancy between comment and data

Alois Treindl alois at astro.ch
Mon Jul 1 17:24:58 UTC 2019

For Italy in 1944 zone Europe/Rome there is a discrepancy between the 
comment and the data.


# From Paul Eggert (2016-10-27):
# Go with INRiM for DST rules, except as corrected by Inglis for 1944
# for the Kingdom of Italy.  This is consistent with Renzo Baldini.
# Model Rome's occupation by using C-Eur rules from 1943-09-10
# to 1944-06-04; although Rome was an open city during this period, it
# was effectively controlled by Germany.

Data for Italy is
Rule    Italy   1944    only    -       Apr      2       2:00s 1:00    S

Data for C-Eur is:
Rule    C-Eur   1944    1945    -       Apr     Mon>=1   2:00s 1:00    S

where Mon>=1 in 1944 is April 3.

So Rome is NOT following C-Eur.

I think the rule for Itay is right, only the comment is misleading.

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