[tz] Simferopol switch near 2014-03-30

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Wed Jul 3 10:44:54 UTC 2019

You can continue to live according to the rules imposed by russian
terrorists under the occupation regime of Putin Huylo.


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ср, 3 лип. 2019, 13:41 користувач Michael H Deckers <
michael.h.deckers at googlemail.com> пише:

>       On 2019-07-03 09:40, Sergij Marchenko wrote:
> > You give a link to the web page of the occupying country, an
> international
> > terrorist country.
>      It is the task of the tz database to represent the
>      civil time used at a location as faithfully as possible.
>      Documents issued under the current administration at
>      that location must be considered for that task,
>      regardless of the legality of that administration.
>      This abstract position may be difficult to take,
>      especially if you are personally involved. But it is
>      absolutely necessary in order to reliably provide
>      the desired service, for instance to the cell phone
>      users living in Simferopol.
>      Michael Deckers.
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