[tz] tz Digest, Vol 94, Issue 6

Paul Eggert eggert at cs.ucla.edu
Fri Jul 5 16:23:03 UTC 2019

Andrii Nabok wrote:

> You have not answered any of my questions

Actually, I did answer your last question "Will you change the time zone in 
Alaska, if after some time, Russian troops enter Alaska ...?". The answer was 
"Yes". I thought your other two questions were equally rhetorical, but since you 
insist on answers here are those questions again, along with answers:

> Why is the Tzadat base contributing to Russian invaders and terrorists in
> conducting an information war against a civilized world?

tzdb is not "contributing to Russian invaders". Nor is it contributing to the 
Ukrainian government. The project does not take or endorse any position on legal 
or territorial claims.

> 1. On which basis were changes made in 2014? Based on the news on the site
> in the domain zone. Ru ???

Changes were made based on evidence provided during public discussion in 2014. 
You can see an archive of that discussion here:


Look for "Crimea". More evidence has been provided since then, evidence that is 
also available in the email archive.

> *we will be forced to appeal in all possible ways to influence
> your decision, including diplomatic channels and lawsuits.*

tzdb is a technical project, and has no diplomatic or legal standing. Diplomatic 
pressure and lawsuits (and we've seen both) have not resulted in changes to the 
data. In contrast, polite technical arguments (such as those used by Serhii 
Demediuk on this very topic) have resulted in changes.

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