[tz] Blocked USNO sites was: Updated Public Domain leapseconds.list

Chris Woodbury tzocd at yahoo.com
Sat Jul 6 23:08:02 UTC 2019

For reasons I can not fathom, I did not check on all the links in the
leap-seconds.list I just submitted to the list.  As a result, I failed
to notice that the link to IERS Bulletin A was incorrect.  The proper
link is:

# <ftp://maia.usno.navy.mil/ser7/ser7.dat>
Also available via HTTP.  Note: the FTP and HTTP
versions *have different timestamps* (and therefore
are most likely separate files in different file structures).
Otherwise, the files are identical.  (This is why I've got

   alias cp='cp --preserve=timestamps'

in my run commands....)

Also, I managed to include a dot (.) at the end of a link in
my first Bulletin C number 58 message.  The proper URL
for the directory in which to find the IERS leap-seconds.list
file is:

"leap-seconds.list" is a symbolic link.

Its "real" name is "leap-seconds.3771235866"    (4 Jul 2019 15:31:06 CEST)

One may also use HTTP or HTTPS protocols to get there.

Sorry about that.

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