[tz] VTIMEZONEs and Outlook

Ken Murchison murch at fastmail.com
Wed Jul 10 11:31:30 UTC 2019

On 7/10/19 1:59 AM, Brian Inglis wrote:
> On 2019-07-09 14:28, Ken Murchison wrote:
>> Sorry for the off-topic post, but I'm fishing.
>> I'm one of the maintainers of vzic, a utility to convert IANA tzdata into
>> iCalendar VTIMEZONE components.  In the process of tweaking the tool to
>> handle recent tzdata changes and to generate more correct/compact VTIMEZONEs
>> in "pure" mode, I managed to break the generation of Outlook-compatible
> Try using git bisect or a similar process to figure out what change broke your
> Outlook-compatible VTIMEZONE generation, and or analyze the changes between your
> last known good sources and your current state.

I know which commit broke the code, I'm just trying to understand what 
Outlook (doesn't) wants to see in VTIMEZONE.

>> Does anyone know what parts of the iCalendar/VTIMEZONE spec that Outlook
>> doesn't properly handle and/or know what the requirements are to be
>> compatible with Outlook?
> Try throwing a hook into these ponds:
> https://docs.microsoft.com/openspecs/
> https://blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/officeinteroperability/2015/09/22/exchange-server-2016-protocol-updates-have-arrived/
> https://github.com/OfficeDev/Interop-MailSim

Thanks for these references.

Ken Murchison
Cyrus Development Team
Fastmail US LLC

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