[tz] Java & Rearguard

John Wilcock john at tradoc.fr
Mon Jun 3 07:49:44 UTC 2019

Le 31/05/2019 à 04:08, Guy Harris a écrit :
> On May 30, 2019, at 3:56 PM, Alan Mintz <alan.mintz at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Well, sort of. Wikipedia pages are not, prima facie, reliable sources to be used for other wikipedia articles as a matter of policy – one is welcome to use the sources cited in such an article and evaluate them for use in citing an article, instead. They can be reliable, though, if one verifies the sources given.
> I.e., use the sources in the Wikipedia article, not the Wikipedia article itself, as sources.

FWIW, I've just updated 
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Daylight_saving_time#Procedure to add a 
short note about negative DST in Ireland. If anyone here has any 
comments on my wording (or, ideally, any secondary sources that could be 
used use rather than citing the Irish Standard Time Act directly), they 
are of course welcome to edit the page themselves, or to let me know via 
this list if they don't feel comfortable editing Wikipedia directly.


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