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Sergij Marchenko makars at gmail.com
Fri Jun 21 08:59:47 UTC 2019

Dear Paul,

By making such a proposal to Mr. Demediuk you are in fact taking sides
despite your alleged neutrality. Russia's claims to Crimea are not
supported by anyone but Russia itself, perhaps barring a negligible amount
of countries that have their own governments largely criticized as
undemocratic. The vast majority of countries have openly condemned the
annexation and Russian aggression and continue to recognize Crimea as a
Ukrainian territory it is.

A solution, which is more consistent with your view, exists. The patch
could instead make the interface display the timezones in question as
Russian to Russian users alone, while in the rest of the world they would
be listed as Ukrainian. This practice, although controversial in the face
of the international law, is a lesser violation of it than the current
state of matter.

By keeping things the way they are now you are sending the world a message.
The message is that you are endorsing the aggressor, even though it may not
appear to you as such.

With a leaden heart we would accept the territory being assigned to
different countries depending on a user's geolocation, provided that RU
only shows up for Russian users and UA is the default configuration
elsewhere, globally.

Otherwise we would kindly ask you to drop the neutrality claims and make
your open endorsement of Russian military aggression against Ukraine

Kind regards.

Best regards,
Sergij Marchenko

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