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Chris Woodbury tzocd at yahoo.com
Sat Jun 22 20:20:46 UTC 2019

To Oleksandr Ryzhenko, et al, and whom so ever might be listening:
Firstly, that's Dr. Paul R. Eggert, PhD 1980 UCLA.  He has been voluntarily
contributing his time to this (and other) projects (and education) for over thirty
years.  I, for one, respect and value his contributions (even when I momentarily
forget to do so).

Secondly, telling us (and him) that such and such is a violation of "*international
law*" (as tho they were an authority and someone was going to be dragged off
to the The Hague) is a threat and an inappropriate response to the supposed
provocation.  Making such is a clear indication that there is a certain lack of
understanding of what's really going on.

(As an aside and for what it's worth: I commiserate with those worrying about
the whole Kiev/Kyiv thing.  It's a huge "can of worms" and technical but it ain't
going to happen!  If it were "fixed" this one time, a precedent would be set and
similar "problems" would have to be "fixed".   It would be never ending.  Theresult being *technically unnecessary* database "churn". The stance that some-thing like this are internal labels is an interesting solution to a "problem".  Also,
thinking of them as a thing imposed over the barrel of a gun and wanting to "fix it"
 *right now*, where others might not, is just going to raise ones blood pressure.
It will be changed sometime.  The language or transliteration will change over
time, or there will be new generation of tzdb volunteer maintainers (hint, hint)
or, possibly, our own version of Vasili Arkhipov* will come along and find a solution.  Remember, sometimes a "problem" is merely a matter of perspective. (I was 
also raised to appreciate an excellent quibble when I see one.))
(Also, I might be wrong, but one might consider that treating the TZ database
as if it were a legal document could be a mistake.)

Lastly, I personally would appreciate it if the folks "who have a bone to pick" would
spend the same amount of time they spend so carefully crafting their e-mails*going over the content of the archives* before they actually send them.  It also
might be helpful to *consult a subject matter expert* while composing, too.  It might
just save some time for all of us.

*  An underappreciated man who saved the world.   

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