[tz] [IANA #1136519] America / Sao_Paulo in the Time Zone Database

Amanda Baber via RT iana-questions-comment at iana.org
Fri Mar 1 00:03:20 UTC 2019


We've been asked to submit this message to the mailing list on a requester's behalf:


Contact Name:

Contact Email:
rhiccarddo at hotmail.com

Please, this case needs to be fixed:
Wrong> America / Sao_Paulo
Right> America / Brasilia

If there is a need for disambiguation, just add a suffix: 
_DF = Federal District or Federal Capital so use:

America / Brasilia_DF

if there is any compatibility problem with graphical accentuation, Use Brasilia without an acute accent on the first i (í)

Please contact me if you need.
Thanks a lot.


He indicated to us that he may not check the mailing list for replies.

Best regards,

Amanda Baber
Lead IANA Services Specialist

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