[tz] European Parliament votes to drop DST by 2021, leaving it to member states

Tim Parenti tim at timtimeonline.com
Tue Mar 26 14:03:51 UTC 2019

The European Parliament has just voted 410-192 in favor of dropping its DST
requirement in the EU by 2021.  The vote is not the last word on the issue
but will form the basis of discussions with EU countries to produce a final

Under the proposal, each member state would decide amongst three options:

   - to continue with twice-a-year clock changes,
   - to stick permanently to summer time, or
   - to stick permanently to winter time.

All member states would need to inform the European Commission of their
choice ahead of the proposed switch, by April 2020. They would then
coordinate with the bloc's executive so that their decisions do not disrupt
the functioning of the single market.

The European Commission proposed in September ending the practice after an
EU-wide opinion survey showed a large majority in favor of doing so.  The
survey generated 4.6 million responses, with 84% of respondents wanting to
end seasonal clock changes.  Critics say the survey was dominated by
Germans, who made up 70% of the respondents.


Tim Parenti
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