[tz] DST in Palestine will start one week later

Grace D'Alfonso grace.dalfonso at coppclark.com
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Your discussion on Palestine’s DST has not touched on the fact that there are two different time zones for Palestine: (1) Asia/Gaza (covering the Gaza Strip) and (2) Asia/Hebron (covering the West Bank). 


Does your recent discussion relate to both time zones or to one specific time zone?


For your information, timeanddate.com is showing different DST change dates for each regions However, it seems to have the wrong information for the city of Nablus (at least). The Palestine Exchange is located in Nablus and it clearly changed time today (29 March) according to its website: http://www.pex.ps/PSEWebSite/English/Default.aspx, while timeanddate.com indicates that it changed on 23 March.


Thanks for any help you can provide in clarifying the time zone for this very confusing region!




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