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On most Linux distributions, the time zone data is in the package called "tzdata".  Simply ensure that package is kept updated.

As to how to update a package automatically, that is something that varies per Linux distribution.  A google search for how your particular Linux distribution handles automatic software updates will help inform you.  There is nothing special about updating the tzdata package versus updating to any other package.

For example, here is a support article for Ubuntu server:

And a wiki page about Ubuntu desktop:

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I hope i can ask this question here. I am the programmer of a popular freeware astrology program (planetdance).
I have been using the data from the Olson database by means of a script using zdump on linux to get me data for a period of years for all timezones.
The method works well enough but i find the data is not uptodate. For instance Morocco dropped it's DST in 2018 and zdump still happily reports DST for the next years.
I have been looking for a way to get the uptodate Olson data into my program for many hours, also looked at the official way of compiling the data but i fear that is a bit too difficult for me. There are also commercial solutions but as i am not able nor willing to pay 500 / year to a company and a product i don't like so that's out of the question.
So i'm asking for help here. Maybe there is some linux distribution that does have an uptodate tzdata? Or any other means?

ps. There are other problems, like the America/Chicago timezone which is notorious for giving false results for years before 1970 but i guess it's too much asked, i'd be happy if you could help me with uptodate data.

Thanks. Jean
Greetings from Groningen Netherlands http://jcremers.com <º)))><¸.·´¯`·.¸><(((º>
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