[tz] Godthab->Nuuk (was: WSJ follows AP to Kyiv)

Paul Eggert eggert at cs.ucla.edu
Tue Nov 19 23:36:20 UTC 2019

On 11/19/19 2:01 PM, Guy Harris wrote:

> Perhaps Calcutta -> Kolkata, although that one may not have been as politically sensitive as this one.

Another one is Godthab->Nuuk, a renaming that is long overdue, as the 
consensus English-language spelling changed years ago. I'd rather follow 
Calcutta's precedent, which is to change the name with a 
backwards-compatibility link. Proposed patch attached, and installed 
into the development version. Kiev->Kyiv could be handled similarly, 
though two of my three most-used news sources (Los Angeles Times, New 
York Times, Economist) write "Kiev" so caution is advised.

The New York Times switched from "Godthab" to "Nuuk" in the mid-1980s, 
so if it switches from "Kiev" to "Kyiv" later this year and we follow a 
similar timetable, we could rename Europe/Kiev in the year 2053 or so. 
(I'm not seriously proposing this; just giving a little perspective.)

For what it's worth, the mid-1980s spelling change was in response to 
what the New York Times called "militant Eskimos, and everybody who 
wants to avoid offending them". See:

Borders W. Eskimos are showing new militancy. New York Times. 
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