[tz] Palestine end of summer time 2019

Sharef Mustafa sharefm at gmail.com
Fri Oct 18 05:19:46 UTC 2019


Palestine summer time will end on midnight Oct 26th 2019 by delaying the
clock by 60 minutes as per  Palestinian cabinet decision published on the
official website.


As usual the announcement was not specific on the exact time, however the
announcement indicated:
بدء العمل بالتوقيت الشتوي في فلسطين، وذلك بتأخير عقارب الساعة ستين دقيقة،
اعتباراً من منتصف ليلة جمعة/سبت الموافق 26/10/2019
Google Translate: Start of winter time in Palestine, with a delay of 60
minutes, starting from midnight Friday/ Saturday 26/10/2019

it's safe to assume 01:00 as the time to return clock by 60 minutes.


this affects Asia/Gaza & Asia/Hebron time zones.


Sharef Mustafa
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