[tz] Central America Time Zone?

Rodolfo Quesada Zumbado roqz at roqz.net
Wed Sep 4 13:57:42 UTC 2019


I have one question/proposal.  Recently I ran into a problem because my calendar shows the "America/Costa_Rica" time zone appointments as "Central Time", which seems to be the designation so far.  

However at the moment, I checked several sources about the current "Central Time" and it is currently UTC-05:00, whereas in "America/Costa_Rica" it is UTC-06:00. 

Here in Costa Rica we don't use the customary North American time zones (Pacific, Mountain, Central, Eastern), we just call it "the local time",  as is the rest of Central America. We are very small countries so those designations doesn't make sense.  I can drive from the Pacific coast to Caribbean/Atlantic coast through the mountains and the central valley in a few hours! :-) 

What would be the procedure to suggest an standardized "Central America" time zone? I just checked the tz database, and it shows America/Costa_Rica as designated with C%sT.  Should it come from the local governmental science/tech departments? Is this related to ISO or other international organization?

I have seen that Microsoft uses a "TZID=Central America Standard Time" which is more culturally sensitive and appropriate than using the other designations.

Thanks for your time.

Ing. Rodolfo Quesada Zumbado
roqz at roqz.net

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