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On 2019-09-07 03:36, Alois Treindl wrote:
> On 07.09.19 11:29, Alois Treindl wrote:
>>>   Changes to past and future time zone abbreviations

>>> For Alaska time from 1900 through 1967, instead of "CAT" use the 
>>> abbreviation "AST", the abbreviation commonly used at the time (Atlantic
>>> Standard Time had not been standardized yet).  Use "AWT" and "APT"
>>> instead of the invented abbreviations "CAWT" and "CAPT".
> And in Canada, AST stands for Atlantic Standard Time, 4h west of GMT

It appears Atlantic standard time was used in Canada prior to 1888, as that was
standardized and named in PEI legislation that (regnal) year in the linked
article below.

J.RASC Vol.XXVI, No.2, Whole No.211, February, 1932, pp.49-77, Standard Time and
Time Zones in Canada, C.C.Smith, Dominion Observatory, Ottawa, Jun, 1931,
pp.76-77 gives the Provincial and Territorial legal references for time zones
and daylight times across Canada, following the end of the federal 1918 Daylight
Saving Act which lapsed at the end of that year.



For PEI, the enacting Statute 52 Victoria, Chap.11, Sec.1 defining time at the
60th meridian as Atlantic standard time, passed in 1888-9 in the 52nd year of
Victoria's reign; the New Brunswick Interpretation Act 1903 standarized on 60W;
in NWT and Quebec, 68W and points east were standardized on GMT-4.

The part of the Standard Times tables on p.61 designates Atlantic and enumerates
the countries and islands observing that standard, and is taken by permission
from the UK Nautical Almanac (of 1930 or 1931).

Provincial legislation passed in the 1920s also allowed provincial Lieutenant
Governors in Council to pass Orders in Council, limiting the application of
regulations as to time and place, as regarding daylight saving time when
requested by municipalities, and in 1930 that was in effect only in Halifax, NS,
St.John, NB, Regina, SK, municipalities in S.ON and Quebec between Quebec City
and Windsor, ON; not in PEI, MB, AB, BC.

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