[tz] Data for China timezones in backzone

Phake Nick c933103 at gmail.com
Wed Apr 15 05:34:51 UTC 2020

First of all, for some reason there is a Vietnamese timezone which got
sandwiched between time zone of China in the backzone file, I think that
should be reordered for better clarity
Second, the historical timezone data for those China zones seems to be
incorrect. The transition to GMT+8 date given there for these zones were
1980 which also contradict the file description that they do not  disagree
with normal zone after 1970. According to sources that have also been cited
in the asia file, except Xinjiang and Tibet, they should have adopted the
Beijing Time from around 1949/1950 depends on exactly when each of those
cities were taken over by the communist army. And they should also follow
the DST setting of Asia/Shanghai after that point of time.
In addition, http://gaz.ncl.edu.tw/detail.jsp?sysid=E1091792 the document
from Chongqing Nationalist government say in year 1945 all of China should
adopt summer time due to the war (not sure whether it continued after WWII
ends)(Probably only enforced in area under their rule at the time?)
The Asia/Harbin's 1932 and 1940 entry should also be incorrect. As per
sources recorded at
, in 1932 Harbin should have adopted UTC+8:00 instead of data currently
listed in the tz database according to official announcement from Manchuko.
And they should have adopted GMT+9 in 1937 January 1st according to
official announcement at the time being cited on the webpage.
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