[tz] Support for the IANA database in the Python standard library

Paul Ganssle paul at ganssle.io
Tue Feb 25 21:38:04 UTC 2020

Hey folks,

Just thought I'd draw your attention to my recent proposal to add IANA
(e.g. /usr/share/zoneinfo) time zone support to Python's standard
library: PEP 615 ( https://www.python.org/dev/peps/pep-0615/ ).

I sent out the proposal today, discussion is happening on the Python
discourse: https://discuss.python.org/t/3468

There is a reference implementation for the proposed module here (in
Python): https://github.com/pganssle/zoneinfo

Any feedback on the proposal would be very welcome -- as many of you can
imagine, it can sometimes be hard to get too much feedback on time zone
and datetime-related proposals because a great many people (probably
rightly so) are just happy that someone /else/ is thinking about it so
they don't have to. The discourse is the canonical location for the
discussion, so commenting there would be best, but beggars can't be
choosers, so I'll happily pass on comments made on this list or sent to
me personally.


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