[tz] Fwd: DST changes in Hungary (full historical revision)

Michael H Deckers michael.h.deckers at googlemail.com
Tue Jun 9 11:30:55 UTC 2020

   On 2020-06-07 23:25, Paul Eggert wrote:

> Thanks for those corrections. I installed the attached patch to the development
> database on GitHub. It's not exactly what you emailed me, but it should generate
> equivalent transitions.

      While we are at it, we might correct the date of introduction of
      CET by the Hungarian railroads:

      an Austrian encyclopedia of railroads of 1913,
      online at
      says that the switch happened on 1890-11-01:

         Auf Antrag der ungarischen Staatseisenbahnverwaltung beschloß der
         VDEV. am 30. Juli 1890, die Zonenzeit für den inneren Dienst der
         Eisenbahnverwaltungen einzuführen. – Dies geschah in
         Österreich-Ungarn am 1. November 1890 unter gleichzeitiger 
Aufnahme der
         Zonenzeit in die öffentlichen Fahrpläne und in gleicher Weise 
am 1.
         April 1892 in Bayern, Württemberg, Baden und Elsaß-Lothringen.

          [On the initiative of the Hungarian railroad administration, the
          VDEV decided on 1890-07-30 to introduce zone times for the 
          use of the railroad service. This happened in Austria-Hungary 
on 1890-11-01,
          at which occasion zone time was also introduced into the 
public schedules;
          and, in a similar manner, on 1892-04-01 in Bavaria, Badenia, 

         - Zone   Europe/Budapest 1:16:20 -   LMT     1890 Oct
         + Zone   Europe/Budapest 1:16:20 -   LMT     1890 Oct 31 23u

      Michael Deckers.

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