[tz] Fwd: DST changes in Hungary (full historical revision)

Michael H Deckers michael.h.deckers at googlemail.com
Wed Jun 10 11:26:07 UTC 2020

    On 2020-06-09 20:52, Paul Eggert wrote about strange jumps in tzdb 
time scales:

> There are other such cases in tzdb. For example, the 1911-03-11 transition in
> Paris is from 00:01 Paris Mean Time to 23:51:39 GMT the previous day. If the
> comments are right this transition came from Ciro Disceopolo but we don't have
> exact citations.

    Well, that is what tzdb says, but what actually happened was different,
    and it was the same in Paris and in Monaco.

    Le Gaulois, 1911-03-11, page 1/6, online at

       "Instantanément, toutes les horloges pneumatiques s'arrêtèrent...
        Neuf minutes vingt et une seconde plus tard, les aiguilles
        reprirent leur marche circulaire."
        [ Instantly, all pressure driven clock dials halted...
          Nine minues and twenty-one seconds later the hands
          resumed their circular motion. ]

    There are also precise reports about how the change was prepared in 
    stations: all the publicly visible clocks stopped at midnight 
railway time
    (or were covered), only the chief of service had a watch, labeled
    "Heure ancienne", that he kept running until it reached 00:04:21, when
    he announced "Heure nouvelle". See the "Le Petit Journal 1911-03-11",
    online at

    Anyway, thanks for your remarks!

    Michael Deckers.

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