[tz] Yukon to move to year-round PDT

Tim Parenti tim at timtimeonline.com
Thu Mar 5 03:53:17 UTC 2020

The government of Yukon announced today the cessation of seasonal time
changes.  "After clocks are pushed ahead one hour on March 8, the territory
will remain on 'Pacific Daylight Saving Time'.  ... [The government] found
93 per cent of respondents wanted to end seasonal time changes and, of that
group, 70 per cent wanted 'permanent Pacific Daylight Saving Time.'"

Government press release:

Interestingly, in the report
released with today's action, 57% of respondents said that "maintain[ing]
time relationships with other jurisdictions" was either very or somewhat
important, while only 26% said it was not very or not at all important.

Perhaps this might be better treated as "MST", like Arizona, as that is
more similar to Saskatchewan's existing use of CST.  However, since the
press release expresses a preference for "PDT", attached is a proposed
patch which calls it that, implemented as UTC-08 +1 hour DST year-round.
Since this change doesn't affect timestamps until 2020-11-01, we have a bit
of time to determine the preferred representation and/or wait for the
relevant legal wording before this necessitates a new release.

Tim Parenti
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